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Concept of the ArchiAdmin System

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dot ArchiAdmin is the Australian GST solution for contract administration and fees and receipts.
GST compliance requires specific method of calculation and presentation of the GST and also requires certain records to be maintained.

ArchiAdmin manages the new Microsoft applications including Word, Excel and Microsoft Project and organizes your information into projects, jobs or matters, while providing a wealth of convenient enhanced functionality. The program incorporates time costing quality assurance and monitoring, both within the projects and within your office.

Letter proformas are also conveniently available through the system enabling fast document creation. The fundamental concept is to operate a project, matter or job without the need for paper. To achieve this it does a number of things:
dot Operates the computer in files or jobs rather than Word processing, spreadsheet programs etc.

dot Structures the work-flow in tasks that you would perform in those files.

dot Offers filing and retrieval and backup capabilities far superior to the paper system.

dot Offers an audit trail of document issue, receipt, filing etc. which is logical and identifiable by another person.

dot Provides automated form production, data base management and other features in the computerized environment.

dot Provides automated form production, data base management and other features in the computerized environment.

The time cost module provides a comprehensive project costing module for costing and monitoring of projects, time analysis, reconciliation of outside consultants' payments and invoicing. The software incorporates many innovations including the following significant features:
dot The software is written to the requirements of construction professionals which interfaces (exports and imports data) from the leading accounting systems in the market, i.e. MYOB, Attache, Pastell. Generic time sheeting programs do not handle the greater diversity of staff types, size of projects and segregation of separable parts of work required by the large projects and numbers of staff in a construction professional's offices.

dot The time cost module enables the production staff to monitor their own financial performance "on the fly". This is achieved by having specific monitors available on the time sheet screen.

dot Forward cash flow recognition. The program enables cash flow projections to unlimited time. The budgets can be calculated from gross fees and projections resource balanced within and between cost centers at each accounting period.

dot Budget Reporting forms the basis of the financial performance monitoring and provides calculations of work completed against the budgets. This reporting is done by project, cost center and firm wide.

dot The system can operate in cost centres and enables timesheets, projects and budgets to be allocated to cost centres and reported by cost centre as well as cross charging between cost centres where staff are paid wages in one cost centre and work in another.

dot The software can be made available in a range of database sizes and either single or multi-user versions with comprehensive range of templates and modules.

Diagrammatic of the ArchiAdmin System

The ArchiAdmin System

Diagrammatic of the Document Creation System

Not available in ArchiAdmin standard except in the contract administraton and invoicing and receipts module Professional System.

Document Creation System

Diagrammatic of Contract Administration System

Contract Administration System

Diagrammatic of the Time Costing System

Departmental reports, budgeting and projections are not available in ArchiAdmin standard version.

Time Costing System

Two Key Issues

The two key issues about the selection of ArchiAdmin are:

dot ArchiAdmin features offer the potential for an office to be more organised and to save time either by virtue of time in motion review of your workflow or by virtue of having key management information at your fingertips which will enable you to better manage time.

dot As our financial model indicates, management and saving of time is absolutely critical to the financial performance of a time fee based office.

ArchiAdmin is specifically designed to address these vital areas of concern for a time fee based office particularly which works in job files and generates large numbers of documents or correspondences.

Features and Benefits

The following is the list of features and benefits of ArchiAdmin for your consideration. These are the potential areas addressed by our system in the organisation of your office and the management of (and potential saving of) your office time. Features are linked to screenshots of the actual processes with more detailed information.
Project and Contact Database

Filing and Computer Management

Time Costing

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ArchiAdmin is awarded to be featured for a Construct IT Case Study.

ArchiAdmin system requirements:

IBM Compatible PC with Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, Windows 2000 or Windows NT.
Minimum hardware required is a 486DX2-66 with 16Mb RAM and CD-ROM, however the recommended system is a Pentium 120 (or better) with 32Mb RAM and CD-ROM.

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