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ArchiAdmin Advanced Software

Client Server version now available!

ArchiAdmin will revolutionize
your design office!
Space Bullet ArchiAdmin tracks your work and costs and shows the status of your project at all times.
Bullet ArchiAdmin manages inventories, ordering, staff time costing, and sub-contracting.
Bullet ArchiAdmin is flexible - set your own accounting period.
Bullet ArchiAdmin integrates with MYOB Attache and Pastell.
Bullet ArchiAdmin provides a timesheet system which runs in the background for instant updates on entire projects.
Bullet Comprehensive training is available.
Bullet Money back guarantee on return of CDR and manuals within 30 days of purchase.

Reduce your letter-writing load!
Space Add to your advantage with ArchiAdmin.

        This vital software provides:
Space Bullet A large library of template files for Word, Excel and Project.
Bullet Macros linking with database tables and menus.
Bullet Automated correspondence, documentation support and transmittal advices.
Bullet Sensitivity to context of report or form being used.
Bullet Easy installation not requiring detailed programming skills.
Bullet Configuration by on-screen form-filling.
Bullet Additional installation and online support service if needed.

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Information Industries Branch
ArchiAdmin is awarded to be featured for a Construct IT Case Study.

ArchiAdmin system requirements:

IBM Compatible PC with Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, Windows 2000 or Windows NT.
Minimum hardware required is a 486DX2-66 with 16Mb RAM and CD-ROM, however the recommended system is a Pentium 120 (or better) with 32Mb RAM and CD-ROM.

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